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Fans crash Evolution leaderboards

by on20 April 2012

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Thought they could handle the load

RedLynx, developers of the Trails franchise, are making Ubisoft look pretty smart for acquiring them, as the latest Trails release known as Evolution is hot; so hot, in fact, that the leaderboards for Trails Evolution crashed under the pressure of almost 100,000 players.

Players have been having long load times, missing ghost replays, and being unable to connect to Xbox Live in order to play the game. While RedLynx says that they stress tested the leaderboards, they apparently could not handle the load despite the information from the simulations run by the developers that indicated it could.

While it seems that RedLynx is over the hump now, let’s just hope it doesn’t happen again. At any rate, RedLynx and Ubisoft have to be pleased with the sales that the title has been raking in. Numbers look to be headed in the right direction out of the gate, so it is expected that it is going to sell pretty darn well.

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