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Reversal on Prey 2

by on20 April 2012


No longer cancelled

Bethesda has cleared up the rumors surrounding Prey 2 officially. The title is no longer cancelled, despite all of the rumors that it was. The game will not arrive in 2012, but will instead come out next year.

The decision to postpone the release is related to the fact that development had not progressed satisfactorily this year to release a triple-A title that is up to Bethesda’s quality standards. Still, Bethesda believes that the game has shown great promise, and while they don’t want to disappoint fans of the title they want to deliver the AAA title that fans expect; and they believe that can’t occur without more time.

While Bethesda has not given us any specifics surrounding when they think the title might be finished for release, it is safe to assume that it will be next year. It is good that Bethesda isn’t going to compromise quality to get the title out the door.

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