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Big Park working on Joy Ride sequel?

by on13 April 2012

Microsoft Studios

Turbo edition said to be in development

Microsoft Studios developer Big Park may not be working on Motocross Madness 2 after all. Sources are now telling us that the studio is actually working on a sequel to Joy Ride that is apparently going to be called Joy Ride Turbo.

The first Joy Ride was supposed to be a “free to play” micro transaction title, but it was totally reworked to become a Kinect launch title, and actually the reworked Kinect version was not actually that good. Of course, with the additional experience that the studio has with Kinect (combined with the updates that the Kinect has received) one would hope that the sequel would be better.

The news of Joy Ride Turbo broke due to it being spotted on the Australian classification board, which rated the new title “G” for all. Still, we are wishing that Microsoft would go back the other direction and deliver the free-to-play XBLA micro transaction title that is playable with a controller. We believe that title would be far more successful than another Kinect version of Joy Ride, but who are we to say?

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