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Darksiders 2 to miss launch date?

by on12 April 2012

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THQ still says nothing new to report

While we know that THQ is fighting for its very survival, one bright spot on the horizon that should help with things is the release of Darksiders 2. The thing is, there seems to be at least some concern circulating that THQ might not make the announced release date of June 26th.

In an interview with RipTen a THQ PR Rep made the comment that they “…honestly can’t confirm the release date,” and  THQ EVP Danny Bilson has gone on record to say, “We haven’t announced anything… but the team is working really, really hard. We’re not going to ship before it’s done.” It sounds like there is least a chance they might not make the release date.

THQ is only now saying, “No new announcements have been made at this time.” Our sources tell us that the development team is hard at work and doing everything possible to make that date, but it could be that the date was perhaps a little optimistic when it was announced back in February.

While THQ needs the revenue from the title, it also needs the title to be successful and done right. Let’s hope Bilson is right and it will not ship before it is done.

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