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Orbis specs get detailed

by on05 April 2012

PS4 fakelogo

Actually it’s about what we expected

Sources are now spilling the beans on exactly what we can expect from Orbis, or the PlayStation 4, when it is arrives. For the most part it is about what we already knew, with no real surprises; and it looks to be a very smart decision for AMD.

If the tech specs are correct, the latest info has the PS4 showing the unit being built from what amounts to off-the-self parts. The unit will use the AMD A8-3850 APU and  Radeon 7670 GPU. The AP-3850 APU is said to clock in at 2.9GHz and it will be a quad core chip, while the HD 7670 which will offer 1GB of RAM and while we have heard rumors of a projected clock speed, we would wait till we are closer to release before we predict what this will actually be.

As we told you previously, this selection does take back from the PC side, but there still a lot more questions than answers. Our contacts in the development community seem divided on what the box can actually deliver in terms of performance. According to one developer, “…we really don’t know how well the unit can perform, but so far it has been on par with the current generation.”

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