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360 finally gets BF3 mega patch

by on04 April 2012


It is live and updating players now

While Battlefield 3 players on the Xbox 360 have been waiting for this mega patch, players on the PlayStation 3 and PC have been already enjoying it. DICE confirmed late last night that the patch would go live today and we see that it is already updating players.

The update checks in for the 360 version at 1.02GB, so it is going to take a bit to download. In addition, it adds the Rent a Server as well as a large number of fixes that we have outlined in our past writings. With this update, the sale of the “shortcuts” is also live for those who want to buy better stuff instead of earning.

The release of this patch sets Battlefield 3 for the next content pack, which is expected to go on sale very soon.

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