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Original Prince of Persia source code found

by on30 March 2012

y disc

Mechner to put it online once he extracts it

Jordan Mechner, who wrote the original Prince of Persia, announced that he stumbled across the source code for it. Yes, that is right: he received a box from his father that contained a couple of 3.5” disks containing the Apple II source code for Prince of Persia.

Mechner has announced that he will share the source code for the Apple II version of Prince of Persia online. There is only one problem…he has to figure out how to extract it from those Apple II 3.5” disks. We suspect that some retro Apple II fans will lend him a hand, so this should not be too much trouble, as significant quantities of Apple II equipment still exist.

Once released, the code should open an interesting window into one of the premier games that was converted to just about every platform that you can think of.  It should be something to see for those who have interest in retro gaming. We assume that you will have to be able to be fluent in 6502 assembler to make much out of it, though.

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