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Soul Reaver being rebooted?

by on21 March 2012

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Crystal Dynamics said to be at helm

Could it be that Crystal Dynamics is working on a reboot of Soul Reaver? Details are very few, but sources suggest that a new version is being worked on.

If sources are accurate, they claim that the new game will be a reboot that will take the action vampire classic in a new direction. It is hard to say how far along the reboot of the vampire saga might be, but with all of the adoration of vampires on TV and in the movies, it is not difficult to believe that this project is happening.

According to the rumblings we are hearing, no one knows if an announcement at E3 is on the agenda. Crystal Dynamics is certainly working on the new reshaped Tomb Raider title for Square Enix that is targeted for release yet this year.

Crystal Dynamics has said that it is developing new IP for 2012, but this is apparently an Xbox Live Arcade title according to our sources. With the development on Tomb Raider winding down, it is logical that they are moving onto a new project; but the only question is whether it is actually a Soul Reaver reboot. It might be nothing more than a juicy rumor or wishful thinking.

We are not the only ones that think this is happening. Read more here.

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