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Sony has best and only self-publishing

by on08 March 2012

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Only major console to allow it

During GDC SCEA Developer Relations boss Ted Regulski said that “Sony is the only major console publisher to allow self-publishing” and Sony believes that it offers the best indie support in the business.

Regulski went on to mention that other companies have publishing rules that are difficult and they have goals you have to achieve in order to receive payment. He claims that it offers better royalties than either Microsoft or Nintendo publishing funds.

Sony is looking to fund new projects for indie developers and especially those willing to develop for Sony’s new Vita platform. It needs software that especially takes advantage of the Vita unique abilities and it is willing to fund it.

It seems that which company is spending more has been a bit of a fight as of late with Sony claiming that they are spending more on indie developers than others. It really has been a question of which business model is best and how much it can help indie developer make money on their work.

Opinions seem to differ between indie developers that we have spoken with. Some claim that one is better over the others, but many tell us they all have their down falls.

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