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BF3 to get a trio of expansion packs

by on08 March 2012


Themed packs to focus on different gameplay

Leave it to Battlefield 3 developer and Electronic Arts to try something new. Instead of releasing new map packs over the course of time, Battlefield 3 will be getting three (3) different completely new experiences in the form of three (3) new expansion packs.

Each expansion pack is themed based around each pack’s innovative gameplay elements/environments and of course the included maps that are based on these elements/environments. The best way to describe it might be it is additional maps plus much more.

The first of the packs will arrive in June and will be called “Close Quarters” will will be an infantry-only expansion that focuses on close quarters combat with ground pounders. It will be complete with new weapons, assignments, and of course unique dog tags.

The second pack which is expected in the Fall will be called “Armored Kill” which of course is a vehicle-based expansion that will add new tanks, mobile artillery, and ATVs to fight it out on large maps. According to DICE these are the largest maps in Battlefield history and all for the enjoyment of those who like to dabble in driving the armor.

Finishing out the trio of expansion pack releases is “End Game”, but DICE isn’t yet saying that will be included with the final expansion release. DICE plans to make the announcement of what is included in End Game close to its expected release in the winter.

It seems like Battlefield 3 will be getting a lot of content which should keep Battlefield 3 players engaged in continuing to play the game which of course is what DICE and EA want. Of course all of this trio of Expansion Pack releases are going to cost something, but DICE and EA have not announced what something is yet, but sources tell us to expect each one to cost 800 or 1200 Microsoft Points or $10 or $15 for those non-Xbox 360 users, but that appears to be strictly speculation at this point.

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