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2K Czech involved in GTA 5

by on07 March 2012

Something to do before Mafia III

Sources tell us that 2K Czech has been lending its time and talents to the development of Grand Theft Auto 5 for almost a year now. This has been occurring while a small part of the 2K Czech team has been working on rebuilding and refining plans for the new release in the Mafia franchise, or Mafia III as we have been calling it.

With 2K Czech’s work on GTA 5 at an end, the studio will not be back into full development of Mafia III. Rumors say that 2K Czech could be planning for a release on the next Xbox, and 2K Czech’s developers were seen at a Durango gathering.

While neither 2K nor Rockstar will confirm anything, we are told that development on both projects continues, but neither of them have a release date yet.

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