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Origin auto-adding Steam-purchased EA titles

by on29 February 2012


Dead Space and Mass Effect already appearing

Electronic Arts is auto-adding EA titles that were purchased from Steam to a user’s EA Origin account. According to what we have been able to uncover, a number of Origin account holders have seen Dead Space 2 and Mass Effect showing up in Origin as games that they own.

The mystery comes in exactly how EA is getting the Steam purchasing information. Some are theorizing that EA is likely checking users’ computers for EA-related game files and installing information and cross referencing it with activation data, so it is able to add software titles purchased from rival digital download distributors.

So far, EA has yet to comment, but with already 9.3 million users on Origin they do want to make sure that all of your EA titles are accounted for within your Origin account. It is believed that they would like to make sure that you are able to launch these games and patch them from Origin so that you will use it, rather than a rival service. In addition, some also theorize that EA will also be able to scan additional information from your computer to add “store purchased” titles, as well, that you have not yet been able to add manually.

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