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Crysis 3 likely in development at Crytek

by on21 February 2012

Job ad suggests new title with partner EA

While we have known for some time that Crytek is working on a new game for Microsoft, many have wondered what else the studio could be working on. What they are working on for Microsoft is not enough to eat up all of the cycles at Crytek, that is for certain.

It looks like the mystery might have been revealed though a job posting that indicates the developer is looking for a video directory to be embedded with EA Partner studio Crytek to capture game footage, among other duties.

Previously, a number of sources within Crytek have claimed that the studio would make Crysis 3, and it already had plans for the new title. Later, however, a number of sources then suggested that the likelihood of Crysis 3 being made was dependent on the sales of Crysis 2.

With this job posting, and if you put it all together, it would seem that Crysis 3 is very likely already in development and is coming; it is simply a matter of when. Look for Crysis 3 to be officially confirmed at E3 in June if we are right.

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