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Kinect built into laptops?

by on30 January 2012


Asus said to be showing prototype

Sources are claiming that Asus has a new laptop prototype that has Microsoft’s Kinect technology built right into the unit. The prototype is said to feature the Kinect sensors above the screen in the same general area where the web cam normally goes.

Microsoft has sparked more speculation of the use of the Kinect technology outside of the Xbox with the release of a development kit for Windows, and news that the company would be licensing the technology. Originally, it was said that the licensing would be for television manufacturers wanting to incorporate Kinect into their television designs, but with the news that Microsoft would be releasing a Kinect for PC package for $250 for PC later this year, it would seem that laptops with the technology built in are also coming.

While our sources have confirmed that not only Asus is working with incorporating the technology into their designs, the actual release of their prototypes remains an unknown. We suspect that manufacturers and designs will continue to evaluate the technology with prototypes to decide if this is a direction that makes sense. With rumored available native support in Windows 8, the eventual release by multiple manufacturers seems to be more than just wishful thinking.

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