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THQ claims rumors of 2014 cancellation are false

by on17 January 2012

They do not to say if they are looking to sell or not

THQ has released a number of statements saying that the rumors the company has moved to cancel its 2014 slate of titles are false. In addition, the company also states that they have not returned any IP to owners, and no decision has been made whether they will cancel Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium Online MMO.

THQ claims that the only reduction that has been made is to move focus away from the kids’ titles which have not been doing that well for the publisher. THQ also claims that the 2012 and beyond titles are still in production; and that they are focused on delivering these titles, the majority of which will be original high-quality titles. The company also confirms that they intend to grow their digital platform business.

All of this news does not seem to address the major issue of the elephant sitting in the living room: the company was said to be putting its house in order so that it could shop itself around. While the company did deny that they were in any financial trouble, the release does not rule out or confirm that THQ might be looking to sell. We will just have to wait to see what happens.

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