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Skyrim on 360 patched to 1.3

by on16 December 2011


Resolves a number of issues

Xbox 360 owners playing Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be pleased to know that Bethesda has confirmed that the 1.3 patch is being rolled out. The patch offers a number of fixes to address a variety of issues on the Xbox 360 version of the game. The patch which upgrades the game to version 1.3 has been available for the PC, but is still awaiting Sony approval for release on the PlayStation 3. (We hear rumors that the PS3 version 1.3 update is live in Europe.)

While the biggest attraction might be the claim of general stability improvements, multiple other fixes (such as fixing the issue with dragon animations with saving and loading) might be the biggest thing you will notice right away.

Prior to the latest patch a number of issues made the game a bit less stable than expected. Bethesda, however, has been working around the clock to address issues and generally get the game fixed. Still, we will have to get some play time on it before we can tell you how successful Bethesda’s work on addressing issues actually was.

Last modified on 16 December 2011
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