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Kinectimals released for iPhone

by on14 December 2011


Surprise release from Microsoft

In what can only be described as a surprise move by Microsoft, Kinectimals (which appeared first on the Xbox 360 and then on Windows Phone 7) has made its way to the iPhone. Kinectimals arrived in the Apple App Store for sale for the iOS platform.

The Kinectimals release joins the recent Xbox LIVE and Halo Waypoint apps that were also released for the iOS platform. All three Microsoft releases are compatible with the iPhone 3GS and higher, third generation iPod Touch or higher, as well as the iPad.

The move by Microsoft to offer more iOS applications appears to be part of a strategy to bring the popular Microsoft experiences to the iOS platform. While Microsoft has not had a lot to say above this move, we suspect that we have not seen the end of Microsoft applications for the iOS platform. If they continue to be popular, the only real question is what is next?

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