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Angry Birds hits half a billion downloads

by on03 November 2011

Those poor pigs

Finnish developer Rovio is proudly telling the world that Angry Birds downloads have passed the 500 million mark, making it the most downloaded game in smartphone history.

It took Rovio just two years to take the mobile world by storm, starting from the iPhone, and then expaanding to Android, Windows Phone 7 and even desktop platforms. In terms of mobile gaming, Angry Birds is second to none.

Truth be told, the Finns have a long and illustrious history in the mobile industry, so Rovio’s success should be no surprise. Also, Finns have the best racing drivers in the world. Angry Birds have become a popular culture phenomenon, as they attract casual gamers and enthusiasts alike, teens and middle aged businessmen, basically men and women from all walks of life.

In related news, Rovio is said to be working on an entirely new title, Angry Greeks. Rather than catapulting birds at pigs hiding under layers of wood, glass and stone, in Angry Greeks players hurl public sector workers and fake pensioners at EU institutions manned by Germans, hugging their precious euro coins.


Last modified on 03 November 2011
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