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Forza 4 Limited Edition oversold

by on12 October 2011



Some buyers being asked to take standard instead

In what is becoming even more commonplace these days, word reaches us that a number of retailers have apparently oversold the Forza 4 Motorsport Limited Edition. The $79.99 Limited Edition version contains the normal amount of extra goodies that make it valuable, especially to hardcore players of the series.

The biggest of the retailers that we hear is having problems filling their pre-orders is none other than Best Buy. In fact, Best Buy is asking customers to take the Standard Edition instead, and they will throw in $20 worth of Microsoft Points (1,600) and a $20 Best Buy gift card. Those that that have been offered this deal by Best Buy have until this Friday to decide.

We have been hearing other tales of retailers not getting the quantity of Limited Edition copies they ordered. As one independent retailer told us, “I ordered 10 and I only received 7; lucky for my customers that I only needed 7 copies to satisfy pre-orders.” Other retailers were apparently not so lucky.

If you didn’t get your Limited Edition copy, if you act quickly you might be able to find one with a few phone calls; but it is going to require some effort and a little luck. Of course, we are already seeing Limited Edition copies going for much more than the $79.99 price tag as some dealers are trying to price gouge. We suspect that this will continue to be an issue with these Limited Editions and Collectors’ Editions. Our advice is to know your retailer and get your order in early if you want to have the best chance of actually getting a Limited Edition copy.

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