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Microsoft teases Xbox 360 control via Windows Phone

by on06 October 2011

Sony announces similar option for Vita and PS3
It seems as if both Microsoft and Sony are really bent on endowing their Windows Phones and Vitas with remote control for Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles, respectively.

Microsoft seems to be closer to the mark as its Xbox Companion App has already made its way into a video. Although the app is not available as of yet, it will be free for all WP users.

The beta apparently works quite well and it’s allegedly lag-free. This could indeed be quite convenient, as it will allow you to browse Xbox Live Marketplace as well as control and play games on your Xbox. You can find out more and find a link to the video here.

The announcement is closely followed by Sony, who announced that Vita will be capable of mimicking PS3 console controllers. There was even a demo, but the company ended up using a cord due to interference concerns.

Vita’s screen will act as a sub monitor, which somewhat resembles the Wii U. The first use however will come to Japan in a December update, and will bring remote control for PS3 digital video recording application Torne. You can find out more here.

Last modified on 06 October 2011
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