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GOTY Red Dead offers a lot of value

by on14 September 2011

If you have not played it, this is the one to buy
If you have yet to play Red Dead Redemption from Rockstar, now is the time to get a copy. In October, the Game of the Year Edition of Red Dead Redemption comes out, and what a great value for the $50 asking price.

The Game of the Year Edition of Red Dead Redemption includes an exceptional amount of content, including pretty much every add-on and expansion for the game (including the Undead Nightmare DLC pack, Liars & Cheats Pack, and the Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack). Maybe the best news is that the previously PS3 Exclusive Solomon’s Folly gang hideout is included. Of course, the just released Myths and Mavericks Bonus Pack is included, as well.

For the money, this Game of the Year Edition delivers all of the goods for a very fair price and there is a lot of content to explore and keep you busy. We know it will arrive this October with a release date of October 11th that seems to continue to be thrown out as its North American release.

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