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NHL 12 will ship without Winnipeg uniforms

by on22 August 2011

First roster update will add them, no idea when
NHL Hockey fans in Atlanta lost the Thrashers at season end despite a lot of work to try to keep them in Atlanta. The Atlanta team will move to Winnipeg, which used to have a team that moved to Phoenix. The new Winnipeg team will be called the Jets, which was the same name that the old team that moved to Phoenix had used. The new Jets will also have new logos and uniforms, all of which have not yet been announced.

This causes a real problem for the upcoming release for NHL 12, which is due in about a month. So, it is now confirmed that NHL 12 will be shipping without all of the Winnipeg Jets logos and correct uniforms and such. NHL 12 buyers will be getting all of the Winnipeg Jets update, but not till the first roster update, which could be as soon as the day the game is released or it might be closer to the first day of the season, which has been more the norm.

The game is slated to arrive for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 13th, while EA Sports Season Ticket members will be able to download it a week early. The NHL will be starting its season on October 6th in North America. In addition, the NHL will be hosting what it calls its Premier games starting on the 7th in Stockholm, Helsinki, followed by Berlin.

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