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Vita for Japan only in 2011

by on05 August 2011

US & Europe in early 2012
It is funny these days how launch plans change. The PlayStation Vita launch strategy has apparently again been revised.

The latest we are hearing from afar seems to confirm what AP is also reporting. The Vita will be coming only to Japan in 2011, with North America and Europe expected to get the Vita in early 2012. This move means that Sony will miss the holiday season with the Vita, which is an unexpected development.

The PlayStation Vita when released in US is expected to retail for $249 for the base model, and $299 for the 3G-enabled version of the portable. Despite Nintendo’s move to lower the price of its 3DS to stimulate sales, Sony is planning no such move with the Vita right out of the gate.

Analysts we spoke with tell us that they are not sure why Sony is electing to go this direction with the Vita. As one analyst told us, “It is a puzzling decision by them to miss the holidays with this portable. While some might think the move is to combat Nintendo’s price drop on the 3DS, I don’t think so. Still the delay could be problematic for Sony as smartphones continue to gain market share as an entertainment device.”

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