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EA cautious with handheld releases

by on25 July 2011

Putting resources into mobile space offerings
Electronic Arts does not seem to have faith in the success of the latest handheld offerings from Nintendo and Sony. The company instead seems to be putting more money into growing their offerings in the smartphone and tablet space, with a number of products coming for both iOS Apple devices and Android devices.

The company does not seem to be planning a lot beyond some ports of winning franchises among their offerings for the Nintendo 3DS, and so far the company has not announced anything for the upcoming Sony Vita. While the fact that the company has not announced anything yet for the Vita isn’t that surprising, with Sony still not confirming a release date; but this is much different from EA’s support for the PSP with a number of launch titles for the platform.

It seems that EA still might be more than a little unhappy with the sales performance of their recent releases for both the Nintendo and Sony handhelds. It could be that EA will continue a conservative stance till they see what the actual sales numbers look like. We have talked to more than one developer that has said to us in private that they are surprised at the 3DS sales numbers; and with such a small installed base, they might have to re-think their development strategy for the platform till Nintendo is able to move more units.

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