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PS3 HDMI for Blu-ray was a compliance issue

by on14 July 2011

HDMI requirement only applies to Blu-ray
As we told you yesterday, Sony is said to be doing away with the component outputs on the latest revision of the PlayStation 3 console, with HDMI being the only connection of choice. Actually, this is incorrect, as component support will still be available, but you will only be able to play Blu-ray video if you are using the HDMI connection.

The decision to close down the component output for Blu-ray has more to do with the company getting in compliance with the AACS standards than anything else. Owners will still be able to output to HD over a component connection, but only for HD games and streaming video content.

Blu-ray players sold after 2014 will only offer an HDMI output in order to be in compliance with the AACS standards.

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