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XBLA Summer bonus to be Crimson Alliance

by on28 June 2011

Buy all five 360 titles and get one title for free
Like last year, Microsoft will again be offering a bonus to those participating in the Summer of Arcade promotion. The Summer of Arcade on Xbox Live starts on July 20th with the release of Bastion, which will cost 1,200 Microsoft Points, or $15 if you prefer not to think of the Microsoft Points model.

After Bastion on July 20th, then will follow From Dust on July 27th for 1,200 Microsoft Points. Next up will be Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet on August 3rd, and then Fruit Ninja for Microsoft Kinect which will cost only 800 Microsoft Points. Finally, the sequel to Toy Soldiers, which is call Toy Soldiers: Cold War, will be released August 17th for 1,200 Microsoft Points.

If you opt to purchase all five titles this year, you will get the free bonus download of Crimson Alliance when it is released on September 7th. In order to get it for free, you do have to purchase all five titles, unless you choose to spend 1,200 Microsoft Points on it when it is released.

Once again, this isn’t a bad deal for those planning to purchase all of the Summer of Arcade titles; but for those that don’t yet have a Kinect, you may question the purchase of Fruit Ninja as it does require the Kinect to play it.
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