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Black Rock moving toward free-to-play

by on24 June 2011

Looking for a director with experience in this
The days of Black Rock studios main focus on racing titles such as Pure and Split/Second are apparently at an end. The Disney-owned studio is moving their entire focus on free-to-play games in the future. To that end, the company has posted a job listing looking for a game director with experience in free-to-play gaming.

The move confirms what we have already known, which is that Disney is moving all of its studios toward free-to-play titles and away from console titles. Despite talk of a second project in development at the same time as Split/Second, it would appear that any hope for the title to be finished and released is shelved for the time being.

After the layoffs at Black Rock, former employees of the studio have formed two new development studios called ShortRound Games and Roundcube Entertainment. While we have told you what we know about these two new studios so far, at least for the time being we will have to wait till more is known about what they both will be working on in the future.

Rumors of Roundcube gaining rights to produce a sequel for Pure or Split/Second seem to be false at this time, despite a number of stories circulating that such discussions took place between Disney and Roundcube, according to our sources. At least for the time being, it would appear that no plans are on tap for a sequel for either of these titles, as we have told you previously.

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