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New domains confirm Microsoft titles

by on06 June 2011

Mystery gone from some announcements
As we suspected and now is confirmed by recently uncovered domain registrations, it would appear that a number of the titles that we suspected Microsoft would announce at their E3 press conference are just as we already told you. Sadly, for some of you these spoilers center around Kinect-enabled titles and most of them are sequels.

The new Kinect titles that are now confirmed are Dance Central 2, Kinect Sports Season 2, and Kinect Fun Labs. It is also believed that Microsoft will be announcing a new Fable title that will be called Fable: The Journey and it is rumored to use the camera functionality of the Kinect. We are not sure how this will work; and again, it is still a rumor beyond us knowing that we will see the announcement of a new Fable title.

Microsoft has already let it slip that there will be a significant quantity of announcements on the Kinect front. It is expected that some of these titles, however, will be hybrid Kinect titles, meaning that they offer both Kinect and controller support, and the Kinect support is an option (for example Forza 4) in these hybrid titles from our understanding. Still, a number of more traditional and hardcore titles are expected, as many felt that Microsoft was lacking them last year with the heavy emphasis on Kinect at last year’s E3 press conference.

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