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More Shadow Complex in the future

by on23 May 2011

Still thinking about what they would do
Shadow Complex from developer Chair Entertainment became a big hit when it was released. The retro-like action-platformer drew from a variety of retro titles to create something very unique and fun to play. With two years having passed since its release, the question of a sequel is still something fans want to know about.

Apparently, developer Chair Entertainment has been thinking about the possibility of a sequel and has recently gone on the record to say that as far as a sequel is concerned it is, “…a question of when.”  In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Donald Mustard, the creative director at Chair, does not come right out and admit that a sequel is in development, but clearly indicates they are working on some cool stuff (which may or may not involve Shadow Complex).

According to our sources, the safe bet is that Chair is mapping out a sequel, but they are apparently still thinking about what they want to do and how they want to do it. While the whispers that we hear suggest that we should not expect an announcement anytime soon, an announcement is expected at some point. One thing we do know is not to expect a version of Shadow Complex to arrive for the iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone, as the company isn’t a fan of trying to take a controller-based game such as Shadow Complex and adapting it for a touchscreen.

You can find Donald Mustard's interview at Eurogamer here.

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