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Guardian Heroes heading to XBLA

by on06 May 2011

New HD made over version of a classic
As we told you when Sega announced that they were bringing Dreamcast titles out for the Xbox 360, Sega explained that they were reviewing Dreamcast titles to select the ones to be converted and get a fresh coat of HD paint for re-release.

During this time Sega was prompted to answer if they were looking at titles from their Saturn system, as well. Sources had confirmed to us that Sega was actively looking at potential Saturn titles for release, and this announcement of Guardian Heroes is the first in what we believe will be several Saturn conversion remakes that will make their way to the Xbox 360.

Sources tell us that since the release of the Dreamcast titles for the Xbox 360, Sega has been flooded with suggestions of which titles to convert and release next. The decision to bring the side-scrolling brawler Guardian Heroes to Xbox Live Arcade was a good fit.

The Xbox Live Arcade release of Guardian Heroes will feature enhanced HD graphics with full online co-op support, as well as a couple of game modes. While a specific release date was not announced, Sega claims that it will arrive this autumn; and while pricing was not confirmed, sources tell us that it is expected to go for 800 Microsoft Points, or $10, when it is finally released.

Whispers that we hear tell us that this is a warm up for an announcement at E3 of a Sega Saturn Collection for the Xbox 360 that will be similar to the Dreamcast Collection that was released earlier this year. Sources are tight lipped as to what other Saturn titles will be included, but we know that Panzer Dragoon, NiGHTS, Iron Storm, and Burning Rangers are high on the list by many as the titles that Sega should be looking at for a Saturn Collection. Hopefully, they will choose much better than they did for the Dreamcast Collection.

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