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Sony now saying there was no leak

by on28 April 2011

Disclaims any responsibility for breach
Sony is now going on the offensive to say that actually there was not a PlayStation Network data breach and no customer information was compromised. This was a total about-face from what we heard yesterday and what our sources continue to tell us as the investigation continues.

While a number of lawsuits are mounting in a number of countries, it would seem that Sony is also making it known that their terms and conditions for use of the PlayStation Network absolve them of any responsibility for potential data theft. Yes, that’s right:  Sony’s terms and conditions for use of the PlayStation Network state that Sony is not liable for loss of data or unauthorized access to your data. We will not bore you with all of the other specifics, but needless to say, this isn’t going to fly very well with PSN users.

It is difficult to say what is going to happen next and what exactly happened. What we do know for sure is that PSN is still down and we have mixed messages as to what transpired. We suspect that Sony will have to be clear on what has occurred at some point, but don’t expect that to happen soon. In fact, we suspect that it could be long after the service returns before we know the entire story. In the meantime, we continue to hear that it could be well into late next week before service is restored. It sucks to be a PS3 owner and want to play online right now.

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