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NGP will launch on time

by on08 April 2011

Quake has no effect on production
No matter if it is a case of damage control or not, Sony now seems to be going out of its way to distance itself from the comments of SCEA’s Jack Tretton, who recently commented that the NGP (PSP2) would be affected by the quake in Japan.

Sony is now saying that the tragedy in Japan will have no effect on its launch plans for the NGP. Sony is claiming that they are monitoring the situation, but they do not seem to be worried about getting the NGP released.

It seems now that the late 2011 release for the NGP stands, but our sources do insist that it could be difficult for Sony to get enough units built and released. We will have to just wait and see what happens, but for the time being Sony seems confident that there will be no impact to their timeline.

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