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LA Noire not to get Collector's Edition

by on21 March 2011

Rockstar confirms that this is the case
Rockstar has not really been a fan of Collectors Editions or Special Editions of the titles that they release. They did a Special Edition for the release of Grand Theft IV sometime back in 2008; since then Rockstar has offered one. You may recall than not even the release of Red Dead Redemption had a Collector's/Special Edition!

Originally, we had heard from a number of sources that LA Noire would be getting a Special Edition release, but Rockstar is now confirming that they have elected not to offer a Special or Collectors release. LA Noire will just be released as the standard offering with the pre-order bonus content that is available from some retailers. Rockstar did confirm that all of the pre-order bonus content will be released for sale as DLC after the game is released.

LA Noire is slated for release on May 17th for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. When it finally is released, it will end a very long development cycle that many thought would never see the game released. Retailer sources we have spoken with claim that the buzz on the title is picking up, but it is still difficult to gauge how well the release of the title might sell.

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