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Homefront price tumbles to $42

by on17 March 2011

First day sales exceeded 375,000 units
More news from the Homefront, as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the title are already getting the price slashed. In a surprise move, both Wal-mart and Amazon have dropped the price of the title to $41.96, which for a $60 game that has only been out two days is very aggressive move. Right now, it is unclear if the price will continue to stay at this number or return back to the $60 price tag shortly.

Word from THQ is that the game moved over 375,000 units in the first day of sales, and both the publisher and developer are happy with the start that the game is off to. In addition, THQ has indicated that they are already starting to receive re-orders for the title from some retailers. (Want to bet that those retailers include Wal-mart and Amazon?)

Analysts that we spoke with today suggest that the price reduction was a reaction to the mixed reviews and concerns expressed by retailers over the title not moving as they anticipated. It would seem, however, that sales have been good enough to exceed dedicated server slot capacity, as we already told you about in another story.
The price on the PC version of Homefront stays unchanged at $50, which really isn’t a surprise, as the sales for the PC version of the game will not even come close to the console versions of the title. It is unclear if other retailers will be joining in this price drop; but so far, GameStop has not moved to slash its price on new copies of the game, and independent retailers we spoke with today tell us that they are not planning to drop the price on the title unless Wal-mart continues to hold the price at $42.

Homefront developer Kaos Studios plans an aggressive schedule of multiplayer DLC content to keep players engaged in the game and to avoid trade-ins. Should you end up with a used copy, you will need to purchase an online pass to play the game online beyond a specified skill level. Once this skill level is achieved, you will not be able to rank up any further, unless you have purchased the online pass. The online pass is included with new copies of the game, of course, for free.

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