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Shadow Complex 2 is going to happen

by on14 March 2011

It is really more of a question of when
Shadow Complex fans have continued to await word of a sequel. We now hear that Donald Mustard, Creative Director for Chair, has confirmed that a sequel is certain.

It is really more of a question of when, rather than if, there will be a Shadow Complex 2. There just are no additional details at this time according to Mustard, but he has confirmed in the past that the team has some “sweet ideas” for a sequel.

One thing that is confirmed is that we will not be seeing Shadow Complex for the iPad. Shadow Complex is designed for a controller experience and not a touch screen. It would be difficult to shoehorn Shadow Complex into a touch screen interface, as the controls of the game require just too much precision.

Despite all of the recent comment, there is still no actual word on exactly what Chair is working on now. Despite a number of rumors, all we know is that they are apparently working on “some cool stuff,” according to Mustard.

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