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Still a lot left in Halo Wars

by on07 March 2011

It sold much better than expected
Despite Microsoft’s attempt to take down the Halo Wars leaderboards, the Xbox 360 RTS game set in the Halo universe continues to be much more successful than Microsoft imagined it would be. In fact, the title actually sold even better than expected.

While the Halo Wars RTS was something different, 343 Industries currently does not have any plans yet for a sequel, but has suggested that the next generation of Halo Wars could even make use of Kinect in a potential sequel.

While it is widely believed that Halo Wars could be the best selling RTS title on this generation console, there are still no more plans for its future. What is important, however, is that 343 does seem to see the importance of the title; and while they are not working on it right now, it is possible that something might be planned for it in the future.

Speaking of 343 Industries, which is the internal studio at Microsoft to manage the Halo franchise, it is difficult to say what direction Halo might be taking. While there are a number of rumors, nothing has been confirmed. Despite sources claiming that an HD remake of the first Halo was in the works, 343 continues to downplay the possibility but has not fully denied that it is something they are looking at.

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