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Homefront shows up in BF3 searches

by on09 February 2011

THQ uses sponsored link strategy
THQ is using an interesting strategy to keep the upcoming release of Homefront on players’ minds in the middle of all of the Battlefield 3 news. If you search for Battlefield 3 on Google, you will notice Google Ads (or sponsored links, if you will) for Homefront in an effort to grab your attention.

This strategy isn’t a new thing and has been used by many companies before in many different areas. Of course, with all of the Battlefield 3 news it might be easy for some to forget that the release of Homefront is right around the corner; even though it has received very positive previews from a number of media outlets.

This isn’t the first time that we have seen a sponsored link strategy used, as Electronic Arts used a similar strategy with Medal Of Honor as did Activision with Call of Duty. It appears that THQ has taken it to the next level by using sponsor advertising for Homefront on You Tube, as well, when you search for a number of FPS titles.

THQ and developer Kaos Studios have a lot riding on the release of Homefront and the aggressive advertising blitz isn’t surprising, as they want to get sales off to a good start. We will have to see if all of this aggressive marketing pays off for Homefront with good sales out of the gate. According to those retailers that we have spoken with, pre-orders for the title have increased and that is a good sign.

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