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PS3 adding cloud-based saving

by on31 January 2011

Will be part of upcoming 3.60 firmware
For the last couple of months we have heard from a number of our sources that Sony has been working on adding Cloud-based storage for PlayStation 3 game saves. By saving their game saves in the cloud, users would be able to access data from any PS3 console as well as save disk space. Back in 2009, Sony trademarked the term “PS Cloud”, but nothing ever seemed to come of it.

Apparently, a number of online sources are now confirming that this Cloud-based storage option will be a part of the upcoming version 3.60 firmware update that is apparently already in the pipeline for release. The option is said to be called “Save File Insured” and will be available as an option to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

A number of developer sources that we have spoken with confirm that they have been aware for some time of this upcoming Cloud-based storage option that Sony was working on, but only recently have things apparently heated up to the point where they, too, believe that Sony is moving to make it part of the next firmware update for the console.

Despite our best attempts, we have not been able to uncover what else might be a part of the 3.60 firmware update; but apparently with all of the recent security problems that the PS3 platform has been having since the release of the master key for the system, our sources say that they have heard whispers of an upcoming firmware release that will at least address some of these issues. However, no one seems to know if this will be a part of the 3.60 firmware update or not.

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