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Modern Warfare 3 on track for November

by on21 January 2011

All hands on deck from other studios to make it
Infinity Ward isn’t the only one working on the next Call of Duty title, which is expected to be called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The latest news that it is an all hands on deck project to make sure that COD:MW3 makes its still unannounced November 2011 release date.

Whispers that we hear seem to indicate that Activision has tasked resources from both Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software to assist with the project in order that the title can be finished in time for release. Reports suggest that Sledgehammer will be greatly reducing work on its upcoming Call of Duty spinoff title in order to assist Infinity Ward with the single player experience in COD:MW3. Raven software, which has in the past worked on map packs for COD projects, will be tasked with providing resources to work on the multiplayer of COD:MW3.

While Activision has yet to officially announce COD:MW3. It is expected that Activision will officially announce COD:MW3 at E3, according to our sources, where they are expected to announce that it will ship in November 2011.

While Activision has not confirmed the reallocation of internal studio resources to the project, multiple sources are indicating this is indeed what has happened. Sources are indicating to us that we should now assume that this will delay the Sledgehammer COD project, but it is unknown how long this delay might be, because little is actually known about the project or the timeline for completion.

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