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Gears of War Ultimate coming

by on03 January 2011

Slated for expected February release
Ahead of the release of Gears of War 3 (which is still slated for an early fall release) Microsoft will be releasing a Gears of War compilation to be called “Gears of War Ultimate” edition. Microsoft has done releases similar to this in the past with their Platinum Hits and Game of the Year editions, but apparently this one is to be a little different.

According to the whispers we are hearing, the Ultimate edition will include Gears of War, Gears of War 2, and all of the downloadable add-on content for both titles in one package. From what our sources tell us, the title is targeted at those that have either played the game in the past and no longer have it, or for those new to the system who want to play for the complete Gears of War experience.

Apparently, the release is set to arrive for February 15th and will carry a $29.99 price. We did hear some rumblings that perhaps the name “Ultimate” is not yet finalized, but it is likely that this will be the name. Additional whispers indicate that if successful, Microsoft might be looking at the release of some additional “Ultimate” editions down the road.

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