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Footage questions surround Forza 4 trailer

by on16 December 2010

Might not have been authorized to use some of it
Apparently, some folks have little to do other than closely examine the footage that makes up the latest Forza 4 trailer. Sources are now whispering to us that it is possible that Microsoft might not have been authorized to use at least some of the footage that appeared in the Forza 4 trailer.

According to sources and various Internet reports, the new Forza 4 trailer does apparently contain some footage from the Internet racing drama called Turn 9, as well as a clip with someone that appears to be none other than actor Paul Walker.

While it is clear that much of the footage comes from the Top Gear USA show that the title has partnered with, there is some other footage that has left some scratching their heads. Apparently, the Turn 9 folks didn’t authorize its use.

We will have to see how this shakes out, but it is hard to say how they could explain away something like this. We do suspect that you will hear an explanation from Turn 10 or Microsoft at some point, but it is hard to say when.

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