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Aussie study says no evidence of games harming kids

by on02 December 2010

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Surely you’ve all seen how bad parenting can be blamed on games by now, with plenty of studies confirming this in our eyes quite ridiculous idea. An Aussie study has now officially confirmed that there is simply no evidence to back any such claims up.

A statement from Australian Minister for Home Affairs Brendan O’Connor today said that review of current research proves “there is no conclusive evidence that violent computer games have a greater impact on players than other violent media, such as movies or music videos." The statement goes on saying that violent games show more evidence of short-term effects than long term ones.

Perhaps most importantly, research says that the studies do not bother exploring other factors of this equation, such as “aggressive personality, family/peer influence and socio-economic status”. In all honesty, one would think that the “scientists” and “researchers” would’ve included this in their equations.

Nevertheless, we find it interesting how some parents simply will not admit that it’s not GTA that made their precious what it is, but rather lack of parenting efforts on their part. On the other hand, we can see why it makes sense to some of them – after all, leaving and/or ignoring your child home alone all day while it plays games can indeed pave the way for this “genius” theory.

We at Fudzilla now want to carry out our own survey. Since many of our readers are obviously passionate gamers, I’d like you to use the comment window and let us know how many of you are serial killers and what game made you “do it”? [Also, don't forget to mention you were listening to Judas Priest when the thought of killing everyone in sight struck you. sub.ed.]

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