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Elite holiday bundle confirmed

by on03 November 2010

U.S. to get same bundle as other regions
As we told you previously, the Xbox 360 Elite holiday bundle with Forza 3 and Alan Wake that has been showing up in other regions as well as Canada will also be available this holiday season in the U.S. Microsoft has had a tradition the last few years in offering a holiday bundle as an incentive to buyers.

The Forza 3 and Alan Wake Elite bundle does, however, offer something that we have not seen before from a Microsoft holiday bundle. This unique twist comes in the form of Forza 3 as the only game that actually has discs in the box. Alan Wake will be offered instead as a Free Game Download card, with a code that allows the owner to download the 6.3GB game onto the Xbox 360 hard drive. So, if you want your Alan Wake, you will have to download it.

The rest of the bundle is the same affair as normal. It will include the Elite console in black with the 250GB hard drive, a single black wireless controller, wired headset, and, of course, the standard RCA composite video cable for connection to your display device. The HD cable options are available separately.

Apparently, sources are telling us that there actually isn’t a launch date this time around, and the Elite 250GB Forza 3/Alan Wake bundles will be hitting retailers as they order additional product. We expect most retailers to have the new consoles on shelves at some point during the month of November. It will retail for the standard $300 price tag and join the other console packages in the Xbox 360 console offerings this holiday season.

A number of sources tell us that a limited number of the Halo Reach Limited Edition Xbox 360 consoles are still available from retailers. While Microsoft is not making any more of these consoles, we hear from those in the field that you can still find the Halo Reach console if you are willing to do a little digging. This presents another option for those considering an Xbox 360 console purchase for this holiday season.

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