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Remedy already working on something new

by on21 October 2010

Despite the poor sales of Alan Wake
According to a number of sources as well as postings around the Internet, it would seem that Remedy, the developer of the finally released Alan Wake, is already working on something new. The company was the developer for Max Payne and the Death Rally series from back in the day.

The studio struggled to cross the finish line with the title Alan Wake, which despite some very positive reviews was not very well received by the buying public. The title has only sold about 250,000 copies since it finally arrived in July after cancellation of the PC version and numerous delays.

While no one knows what the developer might be working on, word is that the publisher is likely Microsoft. It is likely that we will not find out more till E3, but we suspect that the next title that the studio releases will have a much shorter development cycle, according to sources that we have spoken with.

As for Alan Wake, the number of actual units in gamer hands will go up this holiday season, as this title is part of the Elite holiday bundle this season. This is actually good, because after playing it ourselves, we can tell you that it is really quite a good game. We are still not sure, however, that it has lived up to all of the delays and hype that surrounded it before release.

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