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Dashboard update to lift friends cap

by on15 October 2010

Will be capped at 1,000 after the update
A major wall that many Xbox 360 users seem to encounter is the limit to the number of friends that you can have. Currently, the number of Xbox Live friends you can have is capped at 100; at first thought this seems like it should be enough, but the longer you are on Xbox Live, it actually is not adequate.

When Microsoft shut down Xbox Live support for the original Xbox, one of the reasons they gave was the inability to increase the friends count on the older console. Apparently, one of the most asked-for enhancements is going to be a part of the next dashboard update. With the fall dashboard update, Microsoft will be increasing the friends count cap to 1,000 people, which should be more than enough.

Besides the increase to the friend cap, talk of a new Xbox Live friend is also said to be part of this enhancement. From what we understand the new finder will allow users to search for friends by something other than their gamer tag. While this enhancement isn’t exactly mind blowing, we are sure it will prove helpful.

The update is still on track for release prior to the Kinect launch, which needs to support Kinect once it is released. We do suspect that Microsoft will be moving forward with an on-time launch of the fall dashboard update, which is expected the end of the month. Whispers we hear from those in the dashboard beta say that this enhancement is not in the build they are testing.

There could be a number of reasons for this as to why Microsoft has not disclosed this as part of the fall update, including that the enhancement might not make it into the final release, but our sources say that it is already a go, just not enabled in the betas that was deployed to testers.

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