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StarCraft II cheaters to be dealt with

by on15 September 2010

Blizzard to use the ban hammer soon
Are you one of those accounts that have been identified by Blizzard as using unauthorized hacks or mods to cheat at StarCraft II? Well, Blizzard takes cheating seriously, and they have issued a warning to cheaters that they are going to deal with the behavior. ‘Dealing with it’ likely means (at the very least) account suspensions for those tagged for bending the rules.

Blizzard has reminded players of StarCraft II that, as with Warcraft, they are not kidding and will use the ban hammer to make their point; this means that banned players will not be able to log into their accounts and thus they will not be able to play the game.

Of course, using hacks or modifications of any type is a violation of the agreement and violates Blizzard policy. Playing StarCraft II means you need to be playing the game with a vanilla install of the gaming client; doing otherwise will bring the wrath of Blizzard upon you.

Sources suggest that Blizzard will be moving quickly in the next couple of days to deal with cheaters. If you don’t want to get banned, you had best turn over a new leaf and stop cheating; or face the ban hammer. It is your choice.

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