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Object scanning to come in the future

by on10 September 2010

Will deliver it for Kinect in a future update
Back in 2009 when Microsoft started actually talking about what is now known as Kinect, one of the more interesting concepts was the ability to scan objects from the real world into your virtual world on the Xbox 360. As with anytime a company talks about what is actually new technology, there seem to be features that get dropped or pushed off to the side to get the product out the door.

Apparently, this is exactly what happened with this feature. We are not the only ones who have been thinking about what you can do with Kinect; and the concept of scanning real world objects into the virtual world isn’t something that Microsoft has forgotten about, either.

Sources have confirmed to us that development continues on this very concept, and it is still a feature planned to arrive for Kinect and the Xbox 360 at a later date. How much later down the road remains to be seen, but it does seem that this is one of the features that developers, like the buying public, seem to find very interesting.

This could be good news for Microsoft if it turns into something that is unique and different that adds to the game play. While it isn’t Star Trek-style-holodeck technology yet, it does present something new that could make for new types of game play experiences.

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