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Microsoft to announce more Kinect titles

by on09 September 2010

New ones expected during Tokyo Game Show
Microsoft will be announcing some additional new titles for the Kinect add-on during the Tokyo Game Show next week. While the company is keeping what exactly will be announced for the motion control add-on a secret, it is expected that at least some of the titles will be from Japanese publishers. (Rumors tell of a Namco title for certain that is to be part of the announcement.)

Sources tell us that the titles that are to be announced will not be part of the initial Kinect launch, but instead are 2011 releases that are likely for the second and third quarter. While it has been known for some time that Japanese developers have been looking at and working with Kinect development boxes, the majority of the initial launch titles are not from the big-name Japanese publishers.

The only Japanese publisher to jump into the Kinect fray with title announcements have been Konami, with three title announcements, and Hudson Soft, with a single title offering. None of these titles will be part of the initial Kinect launch, but at least some of them are expected to follow quickly after launch.

Microsoft has received a good amount of flack about the number of titles that have been announced supporting Kinect. The initial launch titles will only number eight titles, with currently only eight more officially announced; but our sources suggest that as many as another ten or so will make their way into the development cycle.

A steady stream of software supporting Kinect will be essential for Kinect to even have a shot at being successful, as many analysts continue to harp on the fact that the Kinect add-on is at a disadvantage this holiday season because of its launch price.

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