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Nintendo plugs holes with new firmware

by on09 September 2010

Targets mods as well as flash cartridges
Sony isn’t the only one that is on the offensive in taking it to those that hack their products. Nintendo has been waging a war for some time against those who are hacking the Wii and DSi with user modifications and flash carts.

Nintendo has released new firmware to combat these problems on both the Wii and DSi platforms. The new firmware, which arrived earlier this week, is said to break a number of popular DSi flash cartridges that are used to play pirated copies of DSi games.

In addition, the Wii received firmware that can remove unauthorized firmware or modifications. The Wii update warns that the new firmware can cause your console to no longer work after the firmware update.

Reports from the field say the users can refuse to accept the updated firmware, but it is likely that Nintendo will move to make the new firmware a requirement for new titles released; this means that if you are not running the new firmware you will not be able to play the latest titles.

Of course, the Nintendo community is already trying to find a solution in this never-ending game of cat and mouse.

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