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BioShock 2 to get final DLC

by on06 August 2010

Minerva’s Den already in development
BioShock 2 will get additional new downloadable content in the form of “Minerva’s Den” which will put players into the role of a new character who has teamed with Brigid Tenenbaum.

Minerva’s Den is already said to be heavy on the story, and it will take BioShock 2 into a new direction with its new story line where players will work to break a dictator’s hold on an area within the undersea city. Minerva’s Den when it arrives will be the final chapter for BioShock 2, as no additional content is planned at this point.

While we know that Minerva’s Den is already in development, a specific release date has yet to be announced; but our sources tell us that it will arrive at some point this fall. Minerva’s Den will be available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation and PC versions of BioShock 2 when it is released. Pricing information has yet to be announced, but expect to find out how much it will cost when Minerva’s Den gets an official release date.
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